How to Build Your Own Cob Pizza Oven

By Robert Parsons May 9, 2023

When I say ‘cob’, you think . . . bread?

We are not referring to the crusty bread called cob that can be cooked in a cob pizza oven. Instead, we are referring to the building material known as a cob. It is made from subsoil, clay, water, and straw, and it is ideal for constructing a pizza oven.

At Pizza Oven Reviews, we believe that building your own pizza oven is a highly fulfilling and enjoyable experience.

It also enhances the taste of the pizzas you bake, as you have created both the oven and the pizza. Building a cob pizza oven is particularly convenient as it is easily shaped. You can start with a firebrick base and use sand to gradually build up to the desired shape. Moreover, you have the freedom to get creative with the oven’s exterior.

Check out the guide below for some inspiration.

Typically, we would give you instructions to construct a cob pizza oven so that you can proceed with building it. However, there is an alternative that may be more effective. Working with a cob requires some practice and expertise, so why not learn from experts who can teach you how to make your own cob pizza oven?

Kate Edwards and Charlotte Eve are experts in building structures from the cob. They have even constructed their own home using cob and offer training to others as well. With over 15 years of experience, they conduct 1-day workshops in Lyme Regis, UK on the magnificent Jurassic Coast. During the workshop, they teach how to build and cook delicious meals in a cob pizza oven. The workshop also includes dinner, cakes, and various other snacks.

For only £120, you can attend our course where you will learn how to build your own cob pizza oven. By the end of the day, you will have all the necessary knowledge and experience to make one at home without spending too much. The course includes a hands-on experience and here’s an overview of what the day will involve.


  • – Begin your day by enjoying tea and coffee in the beautiful hills located near Lyme Regis.
  • – Why cob is an excellent building material and its benefits – an introduction.
  • – Create a cob mixture. Additionally, conduct some tests to ensure the mixture is suitable for construction.
  • – Learn how to ignite a cob pizza oven on your own.
  • – Create a sand mold for the cob pizza oven that will be constructed on top.


  • – Of course! They made the pizza in a cob oven earlier.
  • – Learn how to cook using a wood-fired oven made of cob.


  • – To build the cob oven structure, use a two-layer technique around the sand mold.
  • – Remove the oven door and extract the sand.
  • – Cakes, tea, and coffee
  • – An overview of the building process that you have recently finished.

The day will be filled with fun activities centered around building and cooking in your own cob pizza oven. By the end of it, you’ll have new skills that will last you a lifetime. We highly recommend signing up for a course at cobcourses if you’re interested in this amazing experience.