2 Best BBQ Pizza Ovens for 2023 Reviewed

By Robert Parsons January 3, 2023

Food. It’s needed. Enjoyed. Shared. Loved. 

Food helps sustain us, of course, but it also serves social and cultural aspects as well. In the US, a common style of cooking is barbecuing. This cooking method has best been known for juicy burgers and grilled hot dogs, as well as corn on the cob and other fire-cooked treats – until now. 

Thanks to revolutionary converters that transform grills to pizza oven chambers, pizza is a food item that can have its place among your next backyard BBQ menu. Instead of hopping back and forth between your outdoor grill and indoor kitchen oven to appease picky eaters who desire different foods, you can cook everything from pizza to grilled chicken in one place – atop your grill. 

When you’re choosing your perfect BBQ Pizza Oven, it’s best to take into account its features, accessories, aesthetics and functionality. You want one that fits with your outdoor style and meets your unique pizza needs and desires.

The Best BBQ Pizza Ovens

In this buyer’s guide, we’ll cover the things you need to know about BBQ pizza ovens when you’re purchasing one for you and your family. So, if a convenient, easy-to-use, high quality BBQ oven is what you’re after, read on!

Product Review Rating Price
KettlePizza Oven Read Review 4.6
OnlyFire Oven Read Review 4.6
Our Favourite

1. KettlePizza Oven

Looks / Appearance 4.0 / 5.0
Ease of use 5.0 / 5.0
Functionality 5.0 / 5.0


  • – Reaches temperatures up to 900 degrees F
  • – Manufactured in the USA
  • – Includes high-temp thermometer
  • – Easily assembled Riser Sleeve


  • – Could sell out easily due to popularity

In the United States, there is a popular style of cooking that can serve most occasions throughout the year. It’s typically practiced in the outdoors and tends to bring people together and provide a great escape from everyday stresses. 

Of course, we could be describing none other than – the Barbecue. This cooking method is best known for procuring delicious burgers, hotogs, pork dishes, other meaty goodies and of course, several yummy veggies. However, recently, barbecuing has been revolutionized by the game-changing KettlePizza oven kit, which transforms any Kettle grill into a wood burning or charcoal pizza oven. 

Thanks to this kit, you can now serve mouth-watering pizzas at your next backyard BBQ.

2. OnlyFire Oven

Looks / Appearance 4.0 / 5.0
Ease of use 5.0 / 5.0
Functionality 5.0 / 5.0


  • – Fits different kettle grill models
  • – Easy assembly and installation
  • – Comes with pizza stone and pizza peel
  • – Durable stainless steel body


  • – Very popular due to its convenience and features

From hot summer days to cool autumn afternoons, there’s nothing like throwing a good old fashioned barbecue to bring family and friends together over great food. For a long time now, barbecuing has typically revolved around producing foods like hot dogs, burgers, steaks, other juicy meats as well as grilled veggies like corn on the cob. These are all delicious in their own right. 

And now, thanks to the OnlyFire Pizza Oven Kit, backyard barbecuers around the globe can add mouthwatering pizza to the menu as well!

What Is a BBQ Pizza Oven?

A BBQ pizza oven is essentially your regular home barbecue with a piece of additional equipment designed to fit on top of it and convert it into an oven for pizza-baking. These are generally lightweight and portable, which make them great choices for camping trips or beach adventures. 

To heat up to the high temperatures required to bake delicious pizzas, these typically take 10 minutes or less. Due to the design of BBQ ovens, pizzas are able to be cooked properly with fantastic heat retention and optimal airflow. 

Classic pizza ovens are huge, bulky, and expensive. BBQ ovens are the affordable, portable counterparts of these traditional appliances. Each serve their own purposes, so be sure to look for the ones that suit yours.


Why Choose a BBQ Pizza Oven?

As mentioned before, BBQ pizza ovens are a great choice for sprucing up domestic cooking. There are many reasons that make it a great decision – for your wallet, everyday meals, and future entertaining plans.

Price – BBQ Pizza Ovens are far less expensive than class wood-fired pizza ovens. They’re made for the everyday home chef and will support quality baking without breaking the bank. With this oven, you can stay within your budget while also lessening the number of times you’ll order takeout pizza in the future – another money-saving aspect.

Portability – Comparing BBQ pizza ovens to traditional, heavy outdoor pizza ovens is like comparing a small puppy to a grizzly bear. These grill-top pizza ovens are fantastically easy to carry around, which means you can move it anywhere you’d like in your backyard area until you’re satisfied – or take it with you to your next house party.

Convenience – BBQ pizza ovens not only allow you to make pizza with your grill, but also provide you with the opportunity to cook other food items at the same exact time. With available accessories, you can double the cooking surface of your grill and have your pizza cooking to your perfection while your steaks get nice and tender.

Enjoyment – There’s nothing quite like cooking in the great outdoors. Tossing dough, picking your favorite toppings, and watching it cook in beautiful flames make using a BBQ pizza oven a fun option that will bring people together and contributing creatively.

Health – Having pizza is certainly not the same as eating broccoli or spinach. However, if you have a BBQ pizza oven in your backyard, you can easily add those healthy ingredients to your pizza, giving it the boost of nutrition you need. Top it with other delicious veggies and thank yourself for investing in an appliance that can help you combine deliciousness, convenience, fun, and mindful eating.


Things to Consider when buying a BBQ Pizza Oven

Every BBQ pizza oven offers convenience, efficiency, and versatility. Naturally, however, not every BBQ pizza oven is the designed the same way with the same features. In order to help you decide which one best suits your individual needs, we’ve listed the following queries for you to consider:

Material – Typically, BBQ pizza ovens are constructed with durable stainless steel, which helps them conduct heat well and ultimately bake your food evenly.

Do you have the correct apparatus to go with it? – In order to have a BBQ pizza oven, you need to first have a BBQ grill (no way, right!) It’s common in the US for most of us to have one of these lying around in our garage or backyard shed. If you don’t have one, it’s certainly worth the investment! 

What oven best suits you and your lifestyle? – If your plans are to cook for large parties of people on a somewhat consistent basis, you may want to opt for larger BBQ pizza ovens. However, if you intend to simply make a couple pizzas here and there for yourself and your family, a smaller pizza would work just fine.

Thermometer – Built-in thermometers come with many BBQ pizza ovens. These assist you in monitoring the temperature and timing of your baking.

Price range – BBQ pizza ovens certainly help you get the bang for your buck. They are easy to afford and simple to assemble, which means you can have one in your backyard in no time and without breaking the bank!


How to Use a BBQ Pizza Oven

When baking pizzas with your BBQ pizza oven, first pop the kit onto your barbecue after getting some fire going. We recommend using gloves for safe handling!

Then, after 10 minutes, your oven should be up to temperature and ready for you to place your pizza inside. Finally, keep an eye on your pizza and when it’s reached your desired temperature and look, you’re ready to serve and enjoy!