What Wood Should You Use in a Pizza Oven?

By Robert Parsons March 30, 2023

Do you dream of creating the perfect pizza? 

If so, our website has just what you need: plenty of guidance on buying or constructing your own oven. But once that’s settled and it arrives in all its glory – what wood should be used for an optimal cooking experience? Let us help you find out!

When it comes to crafting the perfect wood-fired dish, selecting the right type of wood is key. Different woods add unique flavors and aromas that can make your food stand out from others. Think of this as an extra ingredient you must take into account when creating a delicious meal! Here are some aspects to consider while deciding which firewood would be best for your culinary masterpiece:

Moisture Content

Uncovering the perfect wood for a pizza oven is not complicated. The golden rule when baking pizzas: utilize kiln-dried hardwood and nothing else! If you observe crackling, fizzling, or an unsightly flame while cooking, what you’re likely utilizing is recognized as ‘green’ wood.

This type of timber has been recently cut but hasn’t had enough time to fully dry out from internal moisture through evaporation – hence why there’s so much sizzle! To obtain optimal results with your homemade pies make sure the hardwood used in the oven has gone through adequate drying procedures beforehand.

Unseasoned wood often produces smoke while burning, and can result in lower temperatures. To guarantee successful fires, kiln-dried hardwood is the way to go – you’ll be sure that all of its moisture has been removed for an optimal burn! Here are some other pointers to keep close:

  • – Steer clear of utilizing woods with high sap content, as they can generate creosote and soot that accumulates in your chimney and oven. If you unintentionally make this misstep, opt for cleaner-burning options like oak to recover from the error.
  • – Overly dry wood can be detrimental to your pizza oven, as it may generate an exorbitant amount of smoke and potentially ruin the taste of your food.
  • – To make sure the firewood for your pizza oven isn’t too dry, examine it closely. Look out for small radial cracks and darkened cut ends; these are telltale signs of wood that’s been overly dried. If you spot them, do not use this wood – as using it could be hazardous to both yourself and your food!
  • – Ultimately, if you are looking to gather pizza oven firewood for yourself, the ideal time of year is either early Spring or late Winter since it’s had ample opportunity to dry out over the summer.

Storing Your Wood

Before constructing or buying your wood-fired pizza oven, make sure to set aside a designated area for keeping your firewood. Having an appropriate storage space will not only add tidiness and organization to the overall design of the kitchen, but it can also protect against weather conditions like rain.

Preparing Your Wood for Burning

For a brighter, faster-burning fire that catches light easily, be sure to cut your wood into pieces no more than 3 inches in diameter and 15 inches in length. Round logs are much more difficult to set alight, while pre-cut wood is both easier to ignite and burns warmer for longer.

To get the fire burning, use smaller pieces of wood and mix them with natural firelighters. Just make sure you don’t include twigs or leaves as these can create too much smoke and even damage your pizza oven floor due to their resinous material. Resin has been known to impede the combustion process of wood.

Professional Tips

To guarantee that you’re crafting outstanding pizzas with your wood-burning pizza oven, here are a few hints to keep in mind for your next culinary endeavor.

To get the best results, we suggest a combination of two-thirds kiln-dried hardwoods like birch and beech for an efficient burn, followed by one-third seasoned olive wood to extend the fire’s longevity while infusing it with sweet and subtle smoky notes.

Moreover, after your firewood has been exposed to rain, you can effortlessly dry it out before using it for cooking by placing it in your kitchen oven and baking.


To ensure your pizza is cooked to absolute perfection, you must use the right firewood for your oven. We recommend using a combination of kiln-dried hardwood and seasoned olive wood – this will make sure that each cooking session is as efficient and flavorsome as possible. It’s also important to store and prepare your firewood correctly before burning it; if done properly, you’ll have an unbeatable pizza-making experience!