How to Defrost Pizza Dough

When it’s time for family pizza night, a boxed pizza from your local grocer’s freezer section will do in a pinch. However, even though there are some excellent frozen pizza options, nothing compares to that homemade taste. Everything from the taste to the texture tends to be more – satisfying.

How to Stretch Pizza Dough in 6 Easy Steps

Stretching pizza dough may seem like a difficult task for those new to this craft. However, with these 6 simple steps, it doesn’t have to be. These tips are the go-to techniques that we use when we roll out and stretch our pizza dough. They’ve proven to be successful time after time, so our team wants to share them with you.

How to Sharpen a Pizza Cutter

Pizza cutters are useful accessories used within one’s kitchen. With time, the blade will naturally run dull. When this happens, don’t toss it! Instead, learn how to sharpen it yourself. This will save you a trip to the store, not to mention you’ll have your pizza cutter for years.