The Ultimate Chocolate Pizza

By Robert Parsons November 19, 2021

Normally, we’d just pop a new pizza recipe in our recipes section – but this chocolate pizza recipe is so good that it needs its own blog post to describe its awesomeness.

chocolate pizza

Start with a salt dough base, a bit like the ultimate pizza dough recipe, to give it that savoury contrast – think salted caramel.

Then once the dough is stretched, cover in melted butter and bake for around 20 minutes or until golden.

Use Nutella (or a healthier alternative like Cavalier chocolate spread) in exchange for marinara sauce, and smother it over the dough base right to the edges.

Then toast some crushed hazelnuts and scatter these over the Nutella spread on the base, to give it some bite and some extra hazelnutty oomph!

Then take some quality chopped white, dark, and milk chocolate and scatter randomly over the pizza.

To top it off, carefully position some Lindt Lindor milk chocolate balls on top – these will melt and the soft centre will escape and spread across the pizza. Like little bombs of silky, creamy, chocolately gorgeousness.

Bake for around 2 minutes until chocolate melts, slice and serve.

Tastes amazing warm, when the chocolate is melted, but is equally nice the following day when cooled and the chocolate has re-hardened.

A sweet treat for the true pizza lover.