The Ultimate Chocolate Pizza

By Robert Parsons May 13, 2023

We usually add new pizza recipes to our recipes section, but this particular recipe for chocolate pizza is exceptional and deserves its own blog post to fully showcase how amazing it is.

chocolate pizza

To make a savory base for your dish, use a salt dough recipe similar to the ultimate pizza dough. Once the dough is stretched, brush it with melted butter and bake until it turns golden, usually around 20 minutes. It will provide a flavorful contrast similar to salted caramel.

Instead of using marinara sauce, try spreading Nutella or a healthier option like Cavalier chocolate spread all over the dough base. Make sure to cover the entire base to the edges. Next, toast some crushed hazelnuts and sprinkle them on top of the Nutella to add a crunchy texture and enhance the hazelnut flavor. Finally, add chopped white, dark, and milk chocolate randomly over the pizza.

Finally, place some Lindt Lindor milk chocolate balls on top of the pizza. When baked, they will melt and the creamy center will spread across the pizza, creating a delicious chocolatey explosion. Bake the pizza for approximately 2 minutes, slice it, and serve.

The chocolate tastes great when melted and warm, but it’s also delicious when cooled and the chocolate becomes hard again. This is a sweet treat that pizza lovers will enjoy.