How to Sharpen a Pizza Cutter

By Robert Parsons May 9, 2023

Pizza cutters are a handy kitchen accessory, but over time the blade can become dull. Don’t throw it away! Instead, learn how to sharpen it yourself. By doing this, you can save a trip to the store and extend the life of your pizza cutter for years to come.

In this guide, we will show you how to sharpen the rotating blade of your pizza cutter. It’s important to know when to sharpen it and how to do it safely and without damaging the blade. Our team will cover all of this and more.

Taking a Closer Look at the Pizza Wheel 

Check out your pizza cutter’s wheel. It has a single angled surface that serves as the cutting edge, which needs to be sharpened. Various ways exist for sharpening pizza cutters, but the chosen methods should be easy and speedy. We have three methods that meet these criteria and are doable by anyone. Nonetheless, remember to take caution and wear protective gloves.

Method 1: Pizza Cutter Sharpener 

If you make pizza frequently and want to avoid buying a new cutter frequently, this simple and fast method will help you sharpen your pizza cutter.

The pizza cutter sharpener is similar to a knife sharpener, but it is tailored to work with the circular blades found on pizza cutters. To use it, simply place the sharpener on a level surface and pass the pizza cutter through it repeatedly until the blade is as sharp as you want it to be. 

This tool provides easy access to sharpening and some users prefer to use it to get a smooth cut on their pizzas. In case you don’t have a pizza cutter sharpener, don’t worry, we will share two other simple methods.

Method 2: Use a Whetstone 

If you have a whetstone in your kitchen for sharpening knives, it can also be used to sharpen your pizza cutter. We’ve tried this method and found it to work very well. To sharpen your pizza cutter using a whetstone, you’ll need a whetstone, protective gloves, and a polishing compound.

Step 1: Prepare the Blade 

To start using the tool, tightly grip both the blade and center of the wheel to avoid rotation during sharpening. It’s important to wear gloves during this step. Before continuing, wet the blade with cold water. 

Step 2: Apply the Whetstone 

To sharpen the blade, hold the blade wheel at a 45-degree angle and grind the cutter against the whetstone from inside to out. It’s important to wet the blade frequently and maintain balanced pressure while rotating it to prevent the blade from becoming uneven. 

Step 3: Add Some Shine 

Once you finish sharpening the pizza cutter, use a cotton cloth to apply the polishing compound. This will remove any scratches caused by the whetstone. Also, make sure to wash the cutter before testing it. If any spots are missed, wet the wheel and redo the process. 

Method 3: Use a Diamond Sharpening Stone 

Using a diamond sharpening stone is another effective way to sharpen your pizza cutter. It’s a straightforward and speedy process similar to using a whetstone. The diamond stone’s flat surface is ideal for sharpening the angled blades of pizza cutters. To sharpen your pizza cutter using a diamond stone, you’ll need the following materials: the pizza cutter you want to sharpen, a diamond sharpener, a polishing compound, and protective gloves.

Step 1: Take the Pizza Cutter Apart 

If your pizza cutter has a handle, you can take the wheel apart. This will make it easier to hold the blade at an angle while using a diamond sharpener.

Step 2: Grind the Blade 

Using a diamond sharpener is easier than a whetstone because it offers a better grip and produces consistent results. To sharpen the blade, maintain its angled shape while applying pressure and sharpen it in a back-and-forth motion for optimal results. 

Step 3: Time to Polish 

After you have finished sharpening, make sure to wash the blade before proceeding to reinstall the parts. Next, use a cotton cloth to dry it and apply the polishing compound to give it shine and remove any scratches caused by the diamond sharpener. 

Pro Tip: After sharpening, apply lubrication to the wheel to prevent rust and make it feel smoother when you use it in the future. 


Now you have learned how to sharpen your pizza cutter and restore its original shape. It is advisable to use these methods only when the blade starts to become dull. Although these methods are easy and efficient, it’s important to be careful while performing them.