How to Defrost Pizza Dough

By Robert Parsons March 23, 2023

For a truly impressive family pizza night, it’s far better to make your own than settle for store-bought. Although there are some great frozen options on the market today, nothing beats the homemade taste and texture that you get with an at-home craft. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Freezing pizza dough can be a great option for when you want to make some delicious, homemade pizzas on-demand – it will stay fresh and ready to use in your freezer for weeks. All that’s left is properly defrosting the dough so you end up with perfect pies every time! Don’t worry though, we’ve got your back; below are five easy ways to thaw frozen pizza dough whenever the craving strikes.

The Refrigerator is Your Friend

Create the perfect, mouthwatering pizza you know your family and friends will love by using a source of defrosting that is time-tested: the refrigerator! Make sure to take out your dough from the freezer keeping it within its bag – as it thaws, remember that it will expand in size. Put away all worries about overgrowth though; just place your dough inside a bowl spacious enough for such an increase.

Afterward, place the mixture in your refrigerator and wait until morning. You should observe small bubbles on its surface then. Subsequently, you can remove it from the bag and set it aside for about one hour before usage! Enjoy your freshly-made dough!

The Cold Water Bath Trick

If you want to safely thaw your frozen dough without accidentally cooking it, try giving it a cold water bath! Take the bag of dough out of its freezer and transfer it into a medium-sized bowl. Then fill up the bowl with chilled water until every piece is submerged. This method will ensure that your dough remains unharmed during its defrosting process.

Allow the dough to soak in a bowl of cold water for one to two hours, and watch as it softens and rises. When bubbles form on its surface, remove it from the bag and let rest in a separate dry bowl for an hour before baking – then you’re ready!

Warm Water Bath Method

Carefully use the warm water bath thawing method to safely defrost your dough quickly without ruining its texture and quality. Done correctly, this technique will preserve all of the integrity and deliciousness of your dough!

To thaw your frozen dough, ensure it’s sealed in an airtight bag and remove any excess air. Place the dough inside a bowl of warm water; as it’s frozen, this will cool the liquid quickly which is why you must replace the water every 10 minutes until all ice has melted.

Using a Microwave

For anyone who needs to thaw their dough in a hurry, microwaving is the way to go – but be sure you know what you’re doing first! Start by lightly greasing both your microwave-safe plate and the dough itself with oil. Place it on top of the plate and then wrap it securely in plastic wrap that has also been sprayed down with oil so as not to have any sticking issues.

Kickstart the thawing process by microwaving for 25 seconds on high. Remove it from the plate, spritz both the dough and plate once more with water, cover it in plastic wrap, then flip it over. Recover and microwave for an additional 25 seconds to complete your defrosting task!

For a second time, remove the dough and it should feel cool and have no visible rise. Then pop it back into your microwave on defrost mode for 3 to 5 minutes (depending on the amount). After that’s complete, you may set it out at room temperature so that it can finish rising before baking! Now you’re ready to make something delicious with your thawed-out dough!

Using Your Countertop to Do the Task

Finally, when you’re trying to figure out the best way to defrost pizza dough, don’t forget that your reliable countertop will always come in handy.

Taking your frozen dough out of the freezer and removing it from its storage bag is merely the first step. Place it into a container with sufficient space to expand, cover using plastic wrap, then let sit for two hours – that’s all you need! After this time period has elapsed, your dough will thaw and rise so much that it’ll be ready to bake right away. With just one easy process, now you can enjoy freshly baked treats in no time!


When it comes to thawing out pizza dough, you’ve got options! If your schedule allows for it, cold defrosting methods are the way to go. On the other hand, if time is of-the-essence and quick defrosting is needed – no worries! Warm methods will get the job done just as well; simply be sure to remain attentive throughout this process in order to avoid overcooking or damage.

With now knowing the best methods to defrost pizza dough, we hope you enjoy your upcoming pizza-making journey! Bon appetit and good luck!