CBO-1000 Pizza Oven

By Robert Parsons February 24, 2023
Looks / Appearance 4.0 / 5.0
Functionality 5.0 / 5.0
Ease of use 4.0 / 5.0


  • – Made in the USA
  • – Large cooking surface 
  • – Amazing heat retention 
  • – Reaches temps up to 1832°F


  • – Heavy

Looking for an American-made wood-fired pizza oven? You’ll want to check out the CBO-1000.

Our team has tested several Chicago Brick Oven appliances to see how they compare with their Italian-made competitors and the CBO-1000 happened to sit high on our list. 

Chicago Brick Ovens specializes in residential wood-fired pizza ovens that allow absolutely anyone to make authentic Italian pies in their backyard. Once an order is placed, the oven is made and shipped from Chicago.

In this review, we’ll focus on the CBO-1000, so if you’re on the fence about purchasing this appliance, read on. 

Who is This Pizza Oven for?

Chicago Brick Ovens creates residential wood-fired ovens; however, we’d recommend this particular model for either home or commercial use. If you’re a restaurant owner and want to start serving pizza, this is a good investment for you. Likewise, if you’re someone who enjoys hosting cookouts and parties, wood-fired pizza is sure to be a hit. 

More importantly, this pizza oven comes as a kit. It took us a little under an hour to put it together. We then used stone to add personality to the igloo-shaped design (feel free to use other materials like brick). Personalizing the CBO-1000 DIY Pizza Oven Kit is easy. Use whichever colors, materials, and design best reflects the look you’re going for.


  • – Material: Refractory cement and stainless steel fibers 
  • – Weight: 950 lbs
  • – Cooking Space: 51.5″D x 40″W
  • – Max Temperature: 1832°F
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Why Should You Buy The Chicago Brick Oven CBO-1000?

Our team enjoyed the unique DIY option that this oven offers. The installation kit comes with an insulating board, insulating blanket, mortar, and steel plate. Once built, you can design it however you’d like to match your kitchen, patio, or wherever you plan to cook. 

Speaking of cooking, the CBO-1000 has a large cooking surface of 51.5”D x 40”W. We’ve successfully cooked anything from meat lover pizzas to loaves of bread. It can handle meats, desserts, veggies, and more (basically anything you’d make in your regular oven).

Other reasons that make this oven worth considering include: 

  • – Indoor or Outdoor Use. It’s not often that you get a pizza oven that can be used indoors. However, the Chicago Brick Oven CBO-1000 is NSF rated and UL listed meaning it’s safe to use indoors as long as it’s professionally installed.
  • – Excellent Heat Retention. This wood-fired pizza oven reaches temperatures up to 1832°F. And, thanks to its insulation boards, your oven will stay hot for hours.
  • – Residential or Commercial Use. Thanks to its strong performance, customizable options, and wood-fired taste, this oven works great for either home or business use.
  • – Generous Warranty. CBO offers a 3-year limited warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty begins the day of shipment.
  • – Made in the USA. Manufactured and shipped from Chicago, you can expect fast shipping with a durable construction. 
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There are so many things that impressed us when it comes to the CBO-1000. Now, if you’re looking for a pre-assembled oven that’s ready to use straight out of the box, we suggest a different option like the CBO-750. Simply take it out of the box, place it on a sturdy cooking surface, and you’re ready to go!

Our Verdict

The CBO-1000 DIY Pizza Oven Kit is perfect for outdoor kitchens, restaurants, pizzerias, and everything else in between. With this American-made oven, the sky’s the limit when it comes to personalizing it. No doubt, it will soon become the focal point of your backyard, patio, or business. 


Try the Chicago Brick Oven CBO-100 today!



  • – Made in the USA
  • – Large cooking surface 
  • – Amazing heat retention 
  • – Reaches temps up to 1832°F


  • – Heavy